Monday, July 25, 2011

Exercise relieves Anxiety

Today I went in and worked out for the third time. It was really good. I've done the same thing three times now. Stationary bike - 15 minutes, Treadmill - 15 minutes, Stationary bike again - 15 minutes. It's a good workout, but today I felt like I was getting used to it. It was a whole lot easier than the last time I did it. So that means I either need to add something, or increase the resistance on something...or the way I'm doing the exercise. Haha! Look at me, making things more difficult on myself, figures.

Anyway as the title of this post says, I do believe that my exercising has brought about a change in my anxiety issues. It's too soon to tell, but I feel like I have a better grip on the thoughts that race through my head. Sometimes though, no amount of exercise or anxiety medication helps.

With me, anxiety tends to occur when I've lost control over the plans for the day, or something changes suddenly. For example, last Saturday Chris emailed me and told me that we had been invited to go out to a lake with some friends that evening. I remembered that he had mentioned it before, but forgot all about it. It just so happens that the lake was in South Bend, very near my old "stomping grounds". I can't really go into that area of the world without feeling some anxiety.

We were in a rush to get out the door because the party had already started while I was at work. So we pushed to get out the door and sped down the road in hopes that we wouldn't miss the grill-out. Even though Chris had his GPS going on his phone, we inevitably got turned around at the lake and kept missing the turn to get where we needed to be. All of this stuff, having to leave work in a hurry and get home, getting rushed out the door, going to South Bend - my old stomping grounds, and then not knowing where we were going actually had me in tears by the time we finally got to the party. It's weird what Anxiety does to me. As soon as I got out of the car and to the party though, the nerves went away completely.

I don't know why I put all of that on here, I guess I'm venting a little bit because my mom just sent me an email explaining that she's out of work and needs a place to stay until she finds a new job, or the unemployment kicks in. Can you imagine the anxiety I'm feeling now?

I should go work out again.

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