Saturday, July 23, 2011

In the Beginning

In the beginning of my attempt to make myself thin again, I should probably state my goals for this adventure.

1) Lose the baby fat that has accumulated around my hips, thighs, stomach and butt. (50lbs)
2) Get back to a size 12...which is just above what I was in High School. (currently at size 18)
3) Become one seriously HOT momma.
4) Integrate working out into my life so that Wesley has a good example.
5) Prove that I can finish what I start.

So those are the goals. So far I've been to the gym twice. Both times consisted of a steady diet of cardio work-out. The first workout was 15 min on the treadmill to start. As I've never used a treadmill you can imagine how nervous I was since there was someone else using a treadmill about 3 feet from me....who had obviously been on one before. I decided to look over at hers to see how fast I should be going while walking and running so eventually found a good pace for myself. I would walk for 3 minutes, then run/jog for 1 minute and then walk again for 3 minutes...repeating until my 15 minutes was up. It wasn't too difficult, but since the last time I worked out was a million years ago, I could definitely feel it. I don't think I've sweat that much in a while.

Then I decided to hop on one of the stationary bikes for 15 minutes. I discovered that the bikes come with a Fan...I promptly turned the fan on High and started to petal. I went for about 3 minutes before I saw that I was on the easiest setting and it was definitely too easy. So I turned the bike resistance to level 8...a good round number...and kept going. I really liked how it would tell me my heart rate, the distance I was going etc, calories I was burning, etc. Even though Chris (my husband) says that there is NO way that thing can accurately tell me how many calories I've burned, I still like that the number kept getting higher and higher...made me feel good.

I started to feel the strain in my knees, but decided not to stop because of that old adage..."no pain, no gain". The strain actually went away after a few minutes, or I got used to it, one of the two. I stayed on the bike for 30 minutes and then realized that I should probably go home since I'd been there for 45 minutes and Chris was home with the baby.

I spent the next 20 minutes or so getting the YMCA membership set up so that the next time I went they'd be able to give Wesley some daycare. They even offered us a discount...which is super awesome because it would cost almost $70.00 per month otherwise for the three of us.

When I got home, Chris sent me straight to the shower after I got home, though I didn't smell THAT bad. Haha. I felt kinda selfish though for taking so much time away from Wesley. We all had dinner and Wesley went to bed shortly after that. I just have to keep telling myself that I'm a good Mom even if I take time for myself.

All in all, that first workout felt good, and I felt a lot of self confidence for having done it. So that was nice. As I start learning this process more, I will start posting some more stats and weight changes so we all know how I'm doing.

I'm going to need to go out and buy a scale too...I didn't actually see one anywhere at the Y, and my last one always said "Lo" whenever I stepped on it. I kept saying it didn't have anything to do with the batteries...And because I wasn't doing anything about weight loss then...I decided that the word, "Lo" was a good sign. Haha!

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